A high-roller player at Resort World Sentosa Casino in Singapore has been ordered to pay his $ 4.2 million slate after he tried to have his debt canceled in court. Unfortunately for him, justice considered that he was in perfect possession of his means when he contracted the token loans.


Attempt to cancel debt due to severe intoxication


In the casino, a high-roller player is a player who spends large sums, VIP in other words. Casinos love these kinds of gamblers who can spend more than thousands of “normal” players. In Asia, high-rollers are numerous and have strongly contributed to the growth of Macau casinos.


But Singapore’s two mega resorts – World Resort Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands – have also relied heavily on these fortunes. One of them, Lee Fook Kheun, has also recently tried to erase his slate without paying it because he would have been too drunk at the time of the facts to realize the expenses. His defense was based on the fact that the casino took advantage of his condition to make him gamble and lose.


An average person like you and me must have money to play at the casino. But for a VIP player, there is no need to travel with a bag of cash or his credit cards. Casinos are very accommodating with wealthy players and allow them token extensions (corresponding to real money) to allow them to play as much as possible.


Loss surge in just two days


On August 20, 2010, Lee was awarded $ 3.6 million in tokens. Two days later, the casino granted him an additional $ 3.6 million, which made him a total of $ 7.2 million to settle, since the entire sum had been lost.


As often with these large sums, repayments are expected. It was not until 2015 that the businessman tried to negotiate his debt on the pretext that he was not in a condition to understand the situation at moments of the facts. Note that he had already paid some $ 3 million but still had a slate of $ 4.2 million.


The court found that Lee had taken too long to pretend that he was too intoxicated and that there was no evidence that he was indeed a victim of the casino. He was therefore ordered to pay the $ 4.2 million.


Originally, Lee visited Resort World Sentosa in July 2010 to try to open a restaurant there. From now on, it is no longer a question of launching this business but rather of paying his debts, which would moreover have largely enabled him to make this investment!

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