Las Vegas is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Nicknamed the City of Sin (Sin City), it is the largest city in Nevada. It is still considered today as the city par excellence when it comes to gambling and entertainment บาคาร่าสด. It is here that the casinos have taken to their full extent.


From the first part of the 20th century, gambling activity began to develop and quickly made the city “the gambling capital of the world.” In 2012 Vegas was no longer ahead in terms of affluence and income because destinations like Macau and Singapore have overtaken the latter. But for many Vegas will always be Vegas.


In 1931, gambling was legalized. It is from there that some entrepreneurs like Benny Binion with Horseshoe and later Steve Wynn or Sheldon Adelson built the casinos that made the city successful. It is not the city of sin for nothing, and prostitution has also grown fairly quickly. It became Sin City thanks to the combination of gambling, prostitution, and crime. An explosive cocktail!


Today crime has declined, but for the rest, even losing a little of its splendor, Las Vegas is still Las Vegas … Gaming establishments such as Caesars Palace, Bellagio, or the MGM Grand are world-famous and participate in the image of luxury and vice that Vegas exudes. Any casino lover must make a trip to Vegas at least once in his life …!


Las Vegas economic activity


When you think of THE city where you will find casinos, women, money, in a short vice, Las Vegas is almost automatic. And yet the city is no longer the leader in the field.


In 2005, Macau, a former Portuguese colony and current gambling capital (2012) surpassed Las Vegas in terms of the number of games. In 2011, the city of Singapore (with only 3 casinos) exceeded Las Vegas in terms of revenue. This year, Las Vegas achieves $ 6.2 billion against $ 6.4 billion for Singapore (and $ 20 billion for Macau …!).


The city attracts an average of some 36 million visitors a year – 2012 saw an increase in attendance with 40 million visitors – and regardless of the revenue or attendance figures, for most people, it keeps the image of a gambling city. It has this famous immunity known to many: Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


In 2013, the casinos in Nevada’s state earned $ 11.1 billion, marking the fourth consecutive year with increased revenues. This increase in income is partially due to high roller baccarat players ($ 11.8 billion bet for a profit of $ 1.6 billion). The increase year on year is 2.6%, but we still see that it is 15% below the best year of Nevada casinos – 2007 with $ 12.8 billion in profits. Despite this slight development compared to 2012, Nevada has lost money but is on a “promising” path …


Regarding the city of Las Vegas and its land-based casinos, they generated $ 6.5 billion in 2013. This places the city of games second in the world behind Macau and its $ 45 billion, but just ahead of Singapore and its $ 6 billion.

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